New USAG Trading Cards Released, now with Asian Fury!

To celebrate our newly updated high tech throwback 80s web site that can’t center justify (bear with us while we work out some kinks), we’re updating our old Profiles of Excellence in the Field of Magnificence feature with some very pricey, brand-new, super glossy, hi-res, TRADING CARDS – presented exclusively via jpeg (for now).

These trading cards will celebrate like never before the pillars of US Air Guitar–those members of the competitive air guitar community who have lifted the sport out of the bedroom, onto the stage, and now into the basement beside water-damaged sets of Magic the Gathering and d20 dice.

These limited edition jpegs will come in two sets: LEGENDS and CHAMPIONS, featuring rankings and expert analysis on everything from competitor agility to homoeroticity.

For the inaugural release of of these soon-to-be collector’s edition jpegs, and with new unconfirmed rumors circulating of his possible special appearance in 2011, we proudly showcase America’s first ever Air Guitar World Champion (2002), Mr. C-DIDDY (David Jung).

Tune in each Tuesday for a fresh card.  To maintain a level of excitement and legal ambiguity, recipients will not be informed beforehand.

Mini-props to San Diego’s LT. FACEMELTER (Jason Farnan) for putting together this idea, designing the cards, orchestrating their release, doing every single thing for me and then reminding me to push “submit.”  Thanks El Tee.