Nordic Thunder Unplugged on WGN Radio

Photoshop awesomesauce from our pal FLYING FINN (Andrew Finn).

Here's 2012's Air Guitar World Champ Nordic Thunder on life, freedom and Cannonball Mavin's "reverse birth of an air guitar" (Rated PG). It's a truly fun clip, really laid back and very real.  It covers everything from Nordic's parents and childhood friends to Ukrainian neighbors who recognize him from the "Інтернет," which is how they say "Internet" on Chicago's West Side.

Also, much appreciation to Nordic for the shout-out to the office of the co-commissionership a little more than half way through, followed by hollers at DC´s THE SHRED, Russia's DEVIL SEDUCER, Denver's BETTIE B. GOODE & BIG RIG and Larchmont's SHREDDY FUCKING MERCURY.

Additional hilarity provided by Nordic's description of explaining to a doctor, "uh, this bloody knee infection is from an air guitar move I call 'the powerslide.'"

Who knew you could get chlamydia that way?

Nordic Thunder Unplugged (mp3)

Or stream it from WGN here.