North Carolina Joins the Air Guitar Family

- This is a guest post by the organizer of the inaugural Havelock, NC qualifier, which took place on Saturday, April 25. - The Hunter NCIt was our very first WSFL ENC Air Guitar Championship and we had a ball at Guitars Etc. in Havelock. We had four competitors: Patrick “The Hemi” Hemenway, Kerry “Air Bud” Gaskill, Joey “Thumpkin” Parker and Robert “The Hunter” Oster, and they all kicked some serious air-butt on stage. Our judges had a tough job, and we actually ended up with a tie, so we had an “axe-off” between Air Bud cranking “Walk This Way” and The Hunter taking on “Girls Got Rhythm”, with Robert “The Hunter” Oster taking the title by a margin of just one point. (We think our top two got extra points for long haired head banging!) Our winner scored $100, a $50 Handy Mart gas card, tickets to Carolina Rebellion and a $25 Guitars Etc. gift certificate. Our competitors and members of the audience joined in for an all-star jam of “Free Bird” to conclude the competition.

Pictured: The Hunter shredding onstage!

EDIT: Now with video!

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