Orlando Qualifier Gears Up To Make History

-This is a guest post by Rachel, organizer of the first-ever Orlando qualifier!- We are only a day away from the very first Orlando air guitar qualifier ever! It has been a journey, but we are excited to do our first facemelting ever on Sunday. It all started three years ago, my husband, Bryan had seen Air Guitar Nation and he told me he had always wanted to compete in the competition. He laughed about how he knew it did not sound legit, but it totally was. He was just having a hard time finding out the details. The next year, we moved to Florida, and he had been doing some random internet searching, and was watching some Youtube videos of Air Guitar. So he searched for a Florida qualifier. Turns out, the St. Petersburg qualifier was the very next night. He was super bummed, because he was working and had no time to prepare. So sadly, we both did not attend.

But Bryan kept talking about it, and found a contact form, I think on the air guitar website. He sent in a request for information, and Doug "The Thunder" Stroock messaged him back. Well, Doug told Bryan there was not anyone planning a qualifier in Florida at all this year, but he would get back to him if someone stepped forward. Bryan talked to me, and said well, if I have to plan it myself, I am going to compete this year! I watched some videos, looked at the website, said, well, looks like fun. Next thing I know, I am sitting on a conference call with a bunch of crazy people, talking about air guitar!! Bryan had to work, so there I was, thrown into a whole new world. Well, that meeting got me more excited. I love planning things, so I jumped in with both feet. We found a local music venue called Bombshell Tavern that was willing to let us rent from them, and the booking manager thinks the whole concept is awesome. In fact, he is going to air guitar for the first time himself on the morning news!! We have had many, many conversations with Doug, and we are sad he could not join us this weekend, but we are definitely getting him out next year!!

We have been amazed at how little Orlando knows about air guitar. In the last month, I have been to all four colleges in the area, every single music store, and even talked to people on the street! And only a handful had any idea what I was talking about. We have no idea how many will show up on Sunday, but we have a small group of people helping with the event, and we are really excited about the exposure that the morning news will give us. So this Sunday, June 22nd, at 2 pm, we will be rocking it out at Bombshell Tavern, even if I have to throw some people up on stage myself! ;) And honestly, seeing a video of Bryan in a Jheri curl wig as Hennessy Williams, and my hair teased to look like C.C. Deaville from Poison will be worth it.

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