Portland Qualifier: A Mystery Wrapped in an Engima, Dunked in a Thick Coating of Rock

-This post is by Kara Picante, 2012 National Finalist and Portland organizer. The Portland US Air Guitar Qualifier takes place on June 21!- Finale | U.S. Air Guitar Competition, Portland, OR

The 2013 Portland U.S. Qualifier* that was organized, locally sponsored and put on last June ONLY by the seat of our pants and the adrenaline in our veins was really amazing, seriously, we STILL can’t believe we pulled it off. This year is going to be even better. Happening once again at Dante's, a venue that could not be more perfect. The night will start off with some Offbeat Belly dancing to warm up the crowd before the air spectacular will begin. The pre-show, to follow shortly after the belly dancing warm-up, co-planned and showcased by 2012 Nationals finalist Kara Picante (also the emcee for the evening), will be weird and wonderful as well as a Willy Wonkian effect for your eyes...Let's just say that the "Hussies" will be back in full effect (hold the sausages please*).

Finger Lickin' Good | U.S. Air Guitar Competition, Portland, ORIn regards to the contenders: Portland always brings the strange and I believe this year will be no exception. Last years Portland Qualifier champion “Finger Lickin’ Good” is not coming back to defend his title, so who is going to have the air chops to take it this year? Don’t you want to come and find out? 1st place winner will receive $400 towards their trip to San Francisco to represent Portland in the Semi-Finals, 2nd Place will get $200 towards their trip and 3rd place will receive a spot in the Semi's with our blessing and maybe a hug.

There will be a special raffle going on in house (no prizes unless you are actually there) so bring your small and or large bills and plan to win some cool stuff as well as support your favorite competitor. The raffle will be tied into a special prize that will be going to the "Peoples Choice" of the evening regardless of who actually takes the competition judgingly, details to be shared with you at the event...I know, we speak in riddles but surprises are more fun.

Speaking of judges... Well, we are not going to really speak of our judges either just yet BUT we will say that one of the judges might be a literal champion of air guitar with a militaristic ability to cause meltage of ones faces... Our profits, like last year, will go to The SUN Program, an amazing non-profit that provides after school programs and lunches for kids, so if for nothing else do it for the kids. We want to titillate but not give too much away so you will just have to save the date, get a babysitter, assign a designated driver and/or arrange for cab or public transportation home because you do not want to miss this! So you say you can't make it but still want to support our show as well as the kids? Go to www.usairguitarpdx.com you can purchase sweet gear and or donate directly to The SUN Program. We hope to see you there!

Tickets $12 in advance or $15 at the door. You want to compete?! Get signed-up today, details on our website.

Photos Courtesy Of Kat Nyberg.

* http://usairguitar.com/welcome-to-the-anti-sausage-fest-2013-portland-usairguitar-recap/ 

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