Prolific Dr. Frank would "totally do it again"

Doktor Frank, lead man for the seminal Bay Area punk band Mr. T. Experience and prolific man of words, recently wrote a short review of the air guitar competition he judged.  Henceforth, a gem therein:

I wasn’t too popular as a judge. I got heckled a bit, and a group of fans who didn’t like some of my scores and commentary tagged me with the epithet Worst Judge Ever, and it stuck. I don’t mind too much, though, because, I mean, why would I, and second of all, heckling the judges seems to be part of the program. Even Bjorn Turoque got ice thrown at him, though I can’t remember what for. I was told afterwards by some air guitar fanatics at the bar across the street that I had been a lot nicer than Jello Biafra was a couple years back.

The whole thing was a lot of fun, and I had a great time. I’d totally do it again.

Read the whole shebang here.