SF Events: If you drop your keys on Polk St., kick 'em up to Leavenworth

  WHEN: Saturday, Feb 9th 2013

WHERE: CAFE ROYALE, 800 Post / Leavenworth

WHAT: Performances, photography, and if the Claw's involved a metric fuckton of rotgut malt liquor.  (FB event here.)


Next month, claw your way to the very top . . . of the Tenderloin.  TIGER CLAW, The Grand Nagus of competitive air guitar communications, is hosting a performance-slash-art thang with our favorite SF photographer, Christine Zona.  All-star performances by Crusher, Cold Steel Renegade, Shred Nugent, Seth Leibowitz, Dirty Airy, Judas Priestess, Gobo, Singar the Goat Demon, Iroc-Z, Sonic Boomer, Shred Theodore Logan, GoldiRoxx, and others, as yet to be named.