Shred Pounds: Huffington Post and Everyone Else Picks Up Air Guitar Fitness Craze

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So, once again, the internet is all aflutter with another project from the USAG community – this time it's Portland's Charles Muir – applying the art of air guitar to some other seemingly unrelated endeavor.


Today it's all about the workout. And it is indeed true that while the typical air guitar physique may be on the huskier side, there are still legions of performers who've shed pounds while perfecting their craft. Midwest performers NORDIC THUNDER (Justin Howard) and FLYIN' FINN (Andrew Finn) come to mind immediately.


But what now of Mr. Charles Muir (aka Facemolester), the mastermind who started this hybrid fitness craze? How does he fit into the picture below? He's way back there in the shadows, in that "take a step back from the camera please, sir, no another step please, yeah one more, that's perfect," avoiding tangles of wire leading to a camera that stopped working years ago. The only deeper off/on-screen personality? The man with the spacebar, whose mother is probably watching for no reason, crouched behind Charles while playing the music, thinking he really needs to work out more.




Bullshit aside, Mr. Muir does an amazing job here of explaining the physical demands – and benefits – of air guitar, while remaining true to the classic "well, kind of, but fuck you" aspect of the rock n' roll interview ("you see Dick, it's a system without a system"), consistently maintaining that air of being just a little bit smarter than everyone else in the room. Saphos, Charles! (That's Latin for "bravo," duh!)



Above, the lovely KARA PICANTE (Kara Muir), MARQUIS (Rob Messel) and ERICH ITTAR (Erich Hacker) get physical live on the set of KGW Portland. Below, SIX STRING GENERAL (Tim Granlund), SAHEXY (Sahara Scott), and World Champion MEAN MELIN teach you how to shred pounds distance-learning style.


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