Spiral16 Deconstructs the Great Decontructor: "Legendary Absurdity"

Perhaps my favorite turned phrase of the year and certainly the most fitting title for Magic Cyclops comes courtesy of MEAN MELIN’S (Eric Melin, of scene-stealers lore) recent post about this “legend of absurdity” on the Spiral16 blog:

But success, even if it was brought about by bizarrely deconstructing the most popular TV show in America, comes with a price. Yesterday, some wacky morning show DJs in Iowa brandjacked the Cyclops, saying that his entire act was an event they helped him plan five years ago. Bizarre. Needless to say, Thee Magic Cyclops — who has been performing music and playing the US Air Guitar circuit for at least 10 years — was not pleased. We contacted this legend of absurdity by phone and have this exclusive interview” (listen to the interview and delve into the Cyclops’ complete social media analysis here).

Fig. 1: Magic is a divisive figure. Sentiment (on the Internet) about Magic Cyclops’ American Idol appearance since last week on the Internet is 51% negative and 49% positive. (Graphic courtesy of the social genii at Spiral16).