St Louis wants to feel the power of US Air Guitar

St. Louis.  

Unless you've been there, there's probably only one image that jumps to mind:


But this year, badass rock club The Firebird is hell-bound and determined to show that there's more to St Louis than Nelly and the Arch.





US Air Guitar 2013 Qualifier – St. Louis Friday, June 28, 2013 The Firebird @firebirdstl St. Louis, MO ENTER NOW



The closest St. Louis has ever gotten to having an air guitar event was five years ago when a reporter-wannabe-air-guitarist who called himself Das Hermanator interviewed Björn Türoque, who humored him and said his air guitar name was "not bad."


Björn was too polite to tell him the truth, but truth (and a whole slew of other extreme emotions) will be felt in St. Louis next month as the dream of competitive air guitar is realized and two champions move on to the US Air Guitar Semifinals.


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