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From the womb, kicking and screaming: The illustrated history of air guitar

So be you new to this game, a curious onlooker who wants to step on the stage, or a seasoned veteran; COME FORTH! Let us witness your possession and watch you slay the demons of bogusness with the righteous power of rock and roll on Wednesday at Saint Vitus in Brooklyn, NY! Keep the amazing heritage of New York Air Guitar alive!!! ROCK ON DUDES!!!

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DC's Face Has Been Melted: A Recap

On May 11th, US Air Guitar hosted its season opening qualifier in DC at Solly’s U St Tavern. The event was sponsored by DC Brau and Flying Dog Brewery. So, when you combine awesome beer at special prices, and air guitar…. You know it’s going to be a special evening . . . and DC did not fail us.

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