The CorpAIRation's Campaign Ad in Kansas City

If campaign ads were all it took to win US Air Guitar competitions, we'd declare The CorpAIRation the winner already.  

Kansas City's self-proclaimed "Gordon Gekko of Air Guitar" has released a smear video and levied some pretty heavy accusations against some of Kansas City's finest artisans of air. Plus, he pandered to one of the show's sponsors, the fine folks at Boulevard Beer.


Does #usairguitar National Finalist Peter "Stiff" Dickens really craft his air guitars using foreign child labor? Is there something more nefarious going on behind Thunderball's quest for glory besides "Asian Fury"?


Find out in "The CorpAIRation for Kansas City 2013":

US Air Guitar 2013 Qualifier – Kansas City  Sponsored by The Pitch @TheFastPitch @ALICE102KC @AlamoKC @Boulevard_Beer Friday, June 7, 2013 RecordBar @RecordBar Kansas City, MO ENTER NOW
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