The Triumphant Return of Seattle Is Upon Us!

It's been two VERY long, and hey, let’s be honest, VERY drunk, seasons since Seattle has seen an official air guitar competition. Hmm, um, come to think of it, it was, oh yeah. . . Oh yeah! It was Um, who last took the title and proudly represented us on the National stage in Denver back in 2012. So very long ago. Sigh. Well, ladies and dudes, sigh no longer, because on June 11th at the Highline Bar at 9pm, Seattle will be making its comeback by hosting its very first official air guitar qualifier! 1475904_709356789174564_5925981553195132156_nBecause of our city's long hiatus from the competitive circuit, most of the Seattle veterans have scattered and settled elsewhere. Whereabouts still unknown to this day. But hey! Don't let that stop you from participating! Those currently partaking in this crazily fun event were drunkenly convinced and/or/maybe raised their hands gladly(?) to sign up because of their unique style and love for the "air". So watch out! Because seriously, you never know; by the end of the night, you may be bound for the semi-finals stage in San Francisco!

This year, Seattle will be crowning a new qualifiers champ with the help of our talented panel of guest judges.  First off, we have Blaine Cook (his last name, it makes sense, trust me). Blaine is a music staple of our fine city. You might know him best from his wild and mean vocals as the singer of one of the thrashiest bands to ever hit your ear drums, the Acc|sed. However, he is also the owner of the best burger joint in Seattle, Zippy's Giant Burgers (See? Makes sense).

Joining the panel, from Seattle's most popular weekly paper, The Stranger. A writer, photographer, and the brains behind everyone's worst drunk nightmare of "What Happened Last Night ... And Why is My Picture in the Stranger?!" Ringing a bell? Yes? No? Maybe? Well, if you are not drunk, or maybe if you are, then you’ll know that she is the writer of Seattle's “Drunk of the Week”, Kelly O!

Hosting the show will be Pacific Northwest guitar champ and member of the country's most famous air band, Airpocalypse: Tony Tapatio! Tapatio and his all-star qualifier team will also be welcoming friends and fellow air guitarist to the show:


  • Hall of Famer and former Seattle champ, Chuck Mung!
  • 2015 Portland Qualifier winner, the Marquis!
  • 2014 Semi Finalist Air Guitar X Chinatown Hustl-air Steven Colb-air Motim-air Snerd
  • And last but not least, Portland's sexiest, deadliest, and most glamorous sister duo, Arora Nasty and 2014 semi-finalist, Sahexy!


So come on down to Highline. Doors open at 9pm. It’s never too late to sign up. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be the champ heading for Semis. Or Nationals. Or, the World? Only one way to find out!

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