Tony Tapatio Inducted into US Air Guitar Hall of Fame




US Air Guitar is proud to welcome Tony Tapatio as it's newest member of the US Air Guitar Hall of Fame.


Antonio "Tony Tapatio" Cervantes is a US Air Guitar legend.  He's been wowing us with his performances for years... where do we even start?


*Warning - these videos are NSFV (not safe for virgins)



A 3 time regional champion, Tony is a perfect blend of technical purity, stage presence, and airness - but he doesn't just stop there. Creative to no end, Tony's ability to integrate inventive moves, humor, athleticism, sex-appeal, and some bad-ass facial hair has endeared him to crowds all around the country. He's also spent a significant amount of time organizing and hosting successful US Air Guitar Competitions in Seattle.


An awesome person both on and off the stage, we'd like to officially welcome Tony Tapatio to the Hall of Fame! Congratulations!


Want to see more Hall of Fame Air Guitarists? Come join us on August 5th at the Black Cat in Washington, DC for the 2017 US Air Guitar National Championships.