U.S. Brings Message of World Peace to Middle East


DOHA -- By invitation of 24 HOUR FUN ZONE, U.S. Air Guitar is honored to join the iconic KOOL AND THE GANG and a slew of other legendary performers here in the capital city of Qatar.


Shredding double sets all week are US Air Guitar legends WILLIAM OCEAN (U.S. Champ ’07, ’09), NORDIC THUNDER (U.S. ’11, World Champ ’12) and AIRISTOTLE (U.S. ’12, '14).  The week will culminate with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the Qatari people to experience professional air guitar and Kool and the Gang performing on the same stage.  Afterwards, it’s corn dogs and motion sickness at the site of the world’s first reverse bungee jump.