U.S. Takes 2nd, 3rd and 8th Place in World Championships!!

stotle-NationalPhoto credit: Kyle Privette
  OULU, FINLAND -- Making perhaps the biggest splash in the long history of international air guitar, the United States sent ten competitors to Finland this year, four of whom advanced all the way to the World Stage. AIRISTOTLE (Matt Burns), our standard bearer and 2015 National Champion, took second place behind Russia's YOUR DADDY (Kreel Blumenkrants). Kansas City's CindAirella (Beth Melin) finished near the top of the first rounders while New York's AIRTISTE (Jeffrey Stiles) and OPERATION ROCKAPUSSY (Michael Lovely) took 8th and 3rd place, respectively.


After a nail-biting 3rd round air off, 'Stotle took the second place prize for the second year in a row. As we speak, team U.S. and their international counterparts are being paraded over to the .45 Special for autographs and photo ops. More to come later.


RockAPussyOperation Rock A Pussy (Michael Lovely) takes 3rd place.


UrDaddyRussia's Your Daddy takes the grand prize, a guitar he has no idea how to play.