U.S. Team Dark Horse sends Nordic Thunder to World Championships

  OULU, FINLAND -- Five performers represented the stars and stripes in what became the largest showing of peace and air from a single country in the 17 year history of competitive air guitar. Epitomizing the sportsmanship common in air guitar yet absent from nearly every other organized league of competition, 2011’s U.S. champ NORDIC THUNDER (Justin Howard) was launched into the 2012 World Championships on the shoulders of countrymen and lovers CANNONBALL MAVIN (Chelsea Jangord), DOUG THUNDERSTROOCK (Doug Stroock), MAGIC CYCLOPS (Magic Cyclops) and SETH LEIBOWITZ (Craig Billmeier).

All performed impeccably, several should probably have advanced alongside Nordic, and no one blew it harder than Seth Leibowitz. Seth shredded to his signature track from Beiber's chickenshit little sister, Carly Ray Jepsen, before facing disqualification for conducting groupies AIRNADETTE and then strumming his final chord on the adorable human prop known as AIRISTOTLE (Matt Burns).

Shit hits the fan on the World Stage Friday morning (local times here). There are four cameras and one huge crane on the roof of McDonald’s. Come get splattered on the live stream.