The Unstrung Heroes of US Air Guitar Rock Monroe Carell Jr Children's Hospital

On Friday Morning, August 2, a group of All-Star US Air Guitarists embarked on a mission to bring joy and spread a message of air to a group of kids/staff at Monroe Carell Jr Children's Hospital in Nashville Tennessee.


Arriving at Seacrest studios, it was clear the staff had no idea what kind of face melting was soon to arrive in person and shared via closed circuit TV to an entire hospital. Armed with a 2 time world Champion, 2 US champions and 3 top 5 world air guitarists, the roster was stacked and ready to rock.


The unstrung heroes started the event off with a short radio interview answering the standard “why air” questions with some hilarious responses. We learned that Stotle finds inspiration for songs at burrito shops and that Finn’s name literally is the biggest ego play in the sport. Once the pleasantries were out of the way, it was time to rock. Armed with a playlist full of pure air, our heroes put on a show for a modest live crowd, but via closed circuit TV, the entire hospital could embrace the hot licks and heavy hits. 

Group medleys, individual minutes and duo surprises helped keep the air moving and get the crowd engaged. Emcee Facemelter kept things lively with wit and enthusiasm to help set up amazing minute performances by Flying Finn, Shorty McShred and the Lt. Himself. A blazing Spanish guitar showdown pitted Aristotle vs. Van Dammage, resulting in an overload of machismo and strums per minute.

The spirits of the whole hospital were raised up by a show stealing duo of “shake it off” by Kit Kat and Mom Jeans. As they navigated all the varying styles of the cut, it became clear that the level of talent in the room was world class and the crowd was feeling it fully by now. 

As the performances ended, the entire hospital got technique instruction from the father of fringe himself, while Finn windmilled and finger tapped himself into everyone’s hearts. 

The kids and crowd received rock fist foam fingers, shiny plectrum and new friends were made as the crew brought the show out of the studio in a finale spectacular of the appropriately titled “I love Rock N Rock”.  As the last windmill was cast and the show concluded, families posed for pictures, high fives were distributed and a sense of peace filled the Unstrung Heroes, knowing that for just 30 minutes they brought a message of inclusion, rock and hope to a group of people surely looking for a fun distraction to carry them into the weekend. 

The Unstrung Heroes of Air Guitar delivered hope and laughs in a BIG way…and we hope to be able to do this yet again in the near future. 

Group Finn.jpg

Event coverage provided by Van Dammage. 

Rob Messel