US Air Guitar = Family: A San Francisco Qualifier Preview

The following post is from Tiger Claw, founder of the SFAirForce, an elite corps of the world's best air guitarists. guest-blog-series



SF Air Guitar. The force is strong with us. But we’re not just a community. We are family. Part of a bigger family that is US Air Guitar. I’ve been playing air guitar since 1979, and when it first came to San Francisco in 2006, I discovered just how many others feel the same love and passion for it.



Fast forward to 2010, when I started the SF AirForce, to bring the family closer together. Much to my surprise, air guitarists from around the country wanted to be a part of it. And I was happy to oblige. And it grew. Although we are 50 members strong, in 14 chapters, including two other countries, represented on the website,, it comes nowhere near the size of the actual family. And here’s why:





I’ve never been to a national competition, even the SF one when it was here. Last year, I went to Denver. The competition had 25 or so, competitors, but there were upwards of 60 or more air guitarists from all over the country present, most staying at the same hotel. If that doesn’t constitute an air guitar convention, I don’t know what does.



I finally got to meet everyone I’ve heard about, saw videos of, and meet in person, my AirForce members. And I’m here to tell you, this isn’t just an air guitar community. We are family. And the difference is, a community comes together, but family will put you up in their home when you come to their town to compete.



This Friday, San Francisco rocks the house. The Red Devil Lounge, at Clay & Polk. 9pm. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop on by. Or even better, compete.  Be a part of the family.


- Claw


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