US Air Guitar Returns to San Diego on Saturday

The following post is from Lt. Facemelter, host and organizer of the 2013 US Air Guitar San Diego Qualifier, happening this Saturday June 29! guest-blog-series


Are you ready, San Diego?



US Air Guitar returns to the Casbah this Saturday, June 29 for another rip roarin' show of awesome idiots fighting for a spot in the coveted Western Semifinals. Hosted by three time regional champion, Lt. Facemelter (Jason Farnan), he promises hot licks, cold beer and a much more satisfying finish than his appearance on national TV this past Monday.


San Diego is often home to the transient air guitarist and this year is no different. With the SoCal powerhouse duo of Facemelter and Six String General (Tim Granlund) already headed to San Francisco because of 2012 regional victories, the door is wide open to an array of local rookies and intoxicated wildcards.


But don't think you can just walk up and take home the crown without getting through a few seasoned vets. The Jolly Green Shredding Machine (Nate Briles) returns for his third year on the circuit, while an LA invasion of Arora Nasty (Cassondra Love) and General Hardrock (J.D. Frankland) will be trying to steal one from the hometown. And while he's never competed before, Tyranicus, Lord of the End Times (Brandon Baker) sure seems to have a handle on what it takes to be a World Champion.




If that's not enough to wet your wiener whistle, 91X is presenting the entire event and will be giving away tickets on air all week. The top two winners will not only walk away with a spot in the Western Semis, but a very funny book from author Steve Weinberger called No Air Guitar Allowed (OH THE IRONY!) - and the amazing drinking game from local beer enthusiasts, Drink-a-Palooza!


Need more?


Nice Peter


How about special guest judge Nice Peter from Epic Rap Battles of History? Or local comic Dallas McLaughlin from the American Comedy Co? And let's not forget Dryw Keltz, author of this season's San Diego Reader article and the first San Diego judge to enter the 5-timers club. And rumor has it, local director of awesomeness and entertainment, Chris Cantore from our U-T San Diego interview, might even compete!




Hot damn this is gonna be a good time.


If you haven't already, join the Facebook event, tell your friends, your enemies, your boss and the first stranger you see after reading this. There are still slots open to compete and tickets areavailable online or at the door.


See you in the snack box, San Diego.




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