US Air Guitar's Lt. Facemelter discovers pain on TV is forever

Something about air guitarists naturally attracts TV shows, and something about getting the crap beat out of you naturally attracts air guitarists.  

(Abuse is nothing new to any air guitarist who has had to suffer the judges' wrath. See "the bone.")


Back in May, San Diego's 6'8" Jolly Green Shredding Machine (Nathan Briles) appeared on the season premiere of ABC's Wipeout and took about 48 shots to the groin on the qualifier run, but made it through to the second round.




On Monday, three-time US Air Guitar National Finalist Lt. Facemelter (Jason Farnan) is about to face the most painful game of musical chairs ever invented (and that's not just because Aubrey O'Day is providing the music).



Oh Sit! was created by the same reality-TV competition genius who did The Singing Bee. Monday night at 8pm on The CW, you can witness Lt. Facemelter run around an obstacle course designed to maim him and race for a chair (through more obstacles) every time the music stops. He didn't get bloody knees a la Nordic Thunder, but the rigors of falling into 10-ft. deep water and tripping rib-first into giant rebar dildos with "total bullshit padding" sent him to urgent care the same day.




"I let excitement get the best of me and I decided to dive into an obstacle to better position myself. I completely miscalculated my speed and adrenaline and launched myself head over heels into the side of it, crushing my rib cage. I turned out okay - no broken ribs, no bruised kidneys but I busted up some cartilage pretty good, went to urgent care, got doped up and went out drinking the rest of the night."




Sounds like a typical night of air guitar.


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