US Finals Will Be Held 7/23 in CHICAGO!


For nearly a decade, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and DC have consistently outbid Chicago for the honor of hosting the US Air Guitar National Finals. But Chicago’s audiences and, most of all, her regional champions, have made an inarguable case for their beloved “Shy” in 2011. After hearing the announcement, Chicago’s native son and three-time champion NORDIC THUNDER (Justin Howard) proclaimed he would emerge from retirement with the hope of winning the Championship Belt in his hometown. NBC quickly picked up the story, which airs during the “Dance Friday” segment on The Morning News on May 6th.

Author of To Air is Human and star of the hit documentary Air Guitar Nation, BJÖRN TÜROQUE has returned to host another year of the Regional Competitions and the National Finals. Mr. Türoque will later head to Finland, where he has hosted theWorld Air Guitar Championships for the past three years. Upon accepting our invitation, the air guitar wunderkind released this statement: “Chicago? Lots of ‘air puns.’ We better not blow.”

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