White Flame Breaks Stereotypes of Air Guitar

"Megadeath or Hatebreed, I ponder the day away"Photo credit: Refinery29.


Possibly replacing 2012 US champ AIRISTOTLE (Matt Burns) as competitive air guitar's "right now girl," Chicago's WHITE FLAME (Adrianna Lombardo) is featured this week in a Refinery29 fashion shoot (plus bonus interview!).


"The White Flame is girl power. I wanted her to be an inspirational female force for girls who come to air-guitar shows. She can totally hang with the guys and shotgun beers, and then touch up her lipstick before hitting the stage . . . I wanted her to be sweet and approachable but fierce and totally rock at the same time." Head over to Refinery29 to see the photo shoot and read the whole interview.


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