Can I compete in multiple Wild Card Qualifiers or Regionals?
Yes, you can!  

If I win a Wild Card Qualifier, can I still compete in a Regional? What if I win the Regional too?
Yes! If you have won a qualifier and then win a Regional, your qualifier spot will be opened up to the 2nd place finisher, who will inherit the associated travel stipend, and take your place in the Wild-Card Semi Final.

How many competitors qualify for the Wild Card Semifinals? The National Finals?
The top competitor from each Wild Card Qualifier, plus a handful of Wild Card Nominees (as space allows) will compete in the Wild Card Semi-Final.

The number to advance from the Wild Card Semi-Final to The National Finals will be as space allows, and will be announced with as much notice as possible prior to the start of the competition.

How many competitors qualify for the National Finals?
The National Finals will consist of
- one winner from each Regional
- top 5 performers from the Wild Card Semifinals

Read more about the stages of competition.

How will the competitor performance order work this year?
For all competitions, all the competitors will draw numbers at random.  

Competitors are not permitted to exchange numbers. 

Previously, preference was given to the previous year’s winner to choose their spot first. That practice (as well as the old "seeding" system) has been discontinued.

What are the prizes for winning?
At most stages, winners win cash towards travel to the next level of competition. Read more about prizes.

When will events be announced?
We will begin announcing Regionals very soon, and likely all will be announced in March.

Wild Card Qualifiers will be announced on a rolling basis beginning in March as well.  

Finals Weekend, including the Wild Card Qualifiers and National Finals will take place in late July or early August, and will be announced in the spring.

I have more questions. Who should I contact?
Send an email to contact@usairguitar.com or start a discussion on our public Facebook Page!